Mike Edward Moras (e-sushi)


Cross-Platform Software Engineer, Cross-Media Designer, Moderator at Cryptography.StackExchange.com


Github hosts my open source projects, while my software for Windows® (MiniBin – the free recycle bin for your system tray, DiskEject – simple application to eject discs from the reading unit with just a click) and my EDM releases (ZIPs containing MP3s) are available for download via Google Drive.


News, infos, and updates are published at my tumblr blog and shared via Twitter, which I use for the more minimal chit-chat. Besides that, it might come handy to know that you can also follow me and my posts at Facebook and via Pinterest. Last but not least, rumour has it that I frequently interact with the crowd at StackExchange, at Google+, at HackerNews, and at ImgFlip.

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In case you’re feeling social, you can use PayPal to buy me a coffee or to invite me to lunch. Of course, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, I would also be happy to meet you in person. Simply drop an email so we can arrange something…


Send a message via email. EN preferred, DE and NL welcome.

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